My Brothers Birthday!

It was a good time to be able to celebrate my brothers birthday in the middle of the week because he had off from work and it gave a little bit of a break for the rest of us.

Connor decided that he wanted to have his birthday at the bowling alley, so we all went there and had a great time. They have meals there that you can choose from, but we decided to go to a nearby burger shop that has the best burgers.

Quiet down – I’m blogging here!

This is my first, real, non-serious attempt at blogging. Admittedly, I will be blogging very little as I do not see a great deal of importance for it. I will however, have contact pages, resume, work-related things as separate pages which are most likely what you are looking for. If you are actually interested in reading my blogs, they will cover various topics ranging from information technology, programming, search engine optimization, making advertisements, a little of website this and that, maybe some projects I am working on or studying.

Stay tuned…it may be awhile, it may not, but do not set your expectations high as I am very busy with my time as of this post (May 25th, 2019).